“Your numbers must
be watertight.”

– Carlee Price

Note from Carlee:

I believe that your idea will succeed not only because you are talented and driven, but because you are committed to using the tools at your disposal to will this enterprise into being. You will gain a meaningful, sustainable advantage over your competitors when you master the mechanics of your financials.  

Just as adding features to your product must be done with consideration and testing, so must the decisions you make around your spending, revenue generation and cash management.

I’ve been lucky enough to work with top Wall Street firms and sharpened my teeth on big game:

From unravelling the layers of a massively complex public company like GE to understand what the real story is, the real direction of that company, to helping dozens of bootstrappers plan for, execute, and deploy their first capital from outside investors, I’ve done the work.

Helping your business move effortlessly through the different stages of growth brings me great satisfaction. I’d love to learn more about your current financials, use the button to request a consultation.

— Carlee


Carlee spent 18 years in fiduciary roles on Wall Street, starting at Deutsche Bank Asset Management in Frankfurt and working her way from there to Toronto to the gilded streets of San Francisco.  She has covered companies as large and complex as General Electric and was consistently ranked in the top quartile within teams of dozens of analysts.  She was recruited to a partner-track role at an institutional fund manager in Seattle, WA where she caught the entrepreneurial bug.

Carlee took on a founder’s role in the consumer products space in 2012 and ultimately found success on the other side of the table, as an Angel Investor & Advisor.  Carlee has served as due diligence lead a dozen seed-stage deals and understands from both sides the risk and rewards of the entrepreneur’s journey.  She is a featured speaker and panelist on Angel and Investing topics, and is a frequent pitch competition judge.  She is a CFA charterholder, has completed Data Science coursework at the Master’s level at UC Berkeley and is an avowed numbers nerd.

“In 2017 Carlee provided key financial insight into a startup we were in due diligence with that ended up being our largest investment of the year.”

– Investment Manager, Angel Network

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