You gain a meaningful advantage over your competitors when you grasp the mechanics of your financials

Learn about CFO Services from Pique Financial Works

We partner to build your strategy around a set of responsive, relevant forecasts.

I serve a select portfolio of founders and growing enterprises.

Together we:


Identify the levers that are critical to your business

Run Scenario and Sensitivity Analyses

Design your customized financial forecasts and the workflow that keeps them current

This work forms the foundation for:


Simplified and effective reporting to stakeholders

Interface with increasingly sophisticated investors in subsequent fundraises

Tools that will measure & report performance throughout functional areas of your growing company

Moving from competency to excellence lays the foundation for better communication with investors, smarter dealmaking with vendors, a more effective relationship with customers, vendors and your team. Ambitious financial forecasts are just the beginning; when the actuals come in you must process and react in real time.  Do the work now, gain the advantage.


“Pique Ventures used all of our available data to build incredible forecasts, which were responsive to refinement over time. I use them daily to drive our profitable decisions. This is a high value service.”

– Founder, consumer products athletics

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