“Very few founders bring the degree of financial literacy required to manage business accounting processes, I can get you there.”

– Carlee Price

Who do you accept as clients?

Companies in market and looking to scale smartly

Businesses with growing teams that need to codify process and make capital allocation decisions

Start-ups pre-revenue looking for forecasts that are both ambitious and reasonable

Please contact us to learn more about fit

What prep work do we need to do before meeting with you?

Ideally as an operating company you’ll have a bookkeeper or accountant in place. I’m well equipped to deal with dislocations in past reported results so perfect execution is not a prerequisite. You’ll have some sense of what’s ahead for your company and we’ll start there to refine and strengthen your outlook.

What exposure do you have to the start-up space?

Not only is Carlee a featured speaker and thinker on start up financing through her role as Angel Investor, she also has occupied the founder role and led the due diligence process for a dozen seed-stage deals.

What can I expect from working with you?

Forecasts that can inform enterprise-wide decision-making

A Workflow Process Plan for giving these forecasts longevity

Recommendations that will address any pressing operating concerns

Recommendations around immediate strategic decision points (capital projects, fundraise)

Do you offer ongoing support/retainer services?

My goal is to leave you with the knowledge & infrastructure to be self-sustaining.  Some clients value check-ins (cadence is typically quarterly) and in select cases I embed in a more meaningful way (true interim CFO) with the team.  There are many paths to success.

“After years of pouring over my financials with experts, I still wasn’t able to capture the minute details that could have had a tremendous impact on the future of my business. Carlee created clearer and more robust financial projections were easier for me and for investors to understand.”

– Entrepreneur

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